All About Preppers Introduction Video

All About Preppers Video Introduction

Prepper Checklist

How to keep your money hidden out in the open. Avoid theft or confiscation.

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What Is a Modern-Day Prepper?

In a nutshell, the modern-day Prepper is a Survivalist. A Prepper is a person who actively prepares for emergencies such as natural disasters, war, social unrest, or disruptions in food, water, or fuel supplies. Some Preppers learn martial arts or archery skills, others store weapons and ammo, but most stockpile food, water, fuel, and medical supplies in an effort to become more self-sufficient and prepared for any catastrophe.

Raising Rabbits for Preppers

As part of your preparedness plan or in your quest for off grid living, raising rabbits is an essential member of your livestock community. High in protein and easy to raise. Learn more about raising rabbits for preppers.

It Can’t Happen Here

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Revolting Revolvers – Be Careful

Welcome to, a website
dedicated to providing Preppers with a convenient source of online prepper videos.


Really ? A REVOLVER does THAT ?


PrepperTubes is a website devoted to providing it’s users with resources that will help them prepare for disasters, and other unthinkable situations that may threaten them, and their families.

This website is devoted to providing video resources that will assist all level of Preppers in their quest to survive the unthinkable.

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